Today is December 21st. Actually it is my 39th birthday. Thirty years after another one year. I’m going to be 40 years old “senior” today next year, but it looks like “Such a child is a eldery”.

It is common to look back on a year, but today I’m looking back on my thirties and nine years to think a little. At the age of thirty, I seriously thought, “Let’s do the service business!” And worked as a vice president with Kenichiro Okada of the company. Everything was fresh, greedy and challenging, full success, full failure. There was also momentum. From Osaka to Tokyo to “Japan to the world” I seriously thought, researched, and organized an organization, and I had a lot of experiences.

At that time, the store is a blockbuster hit out to launch in various business conditions in the unprecedented “creative food” boom if you think now, a large-scale store with 300 seats 300 seats, like a large store filled with customers, the media and Industry related people and developers tend to feel sorry, I’m feeling …. In the whirlpool I feel like I’ve always seen from an angle, saying, “The world is really cool!” Since I was in the late twenties and once failed in business, it may have been a body that did not trust people easily. But it was really fulfilling. Through the experience I received the property of a real experience that I only knew.

When I was 35, I created the Salt Consortium. Now, looking back at the age of 30-35, I think I was running for a certain purpose.

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